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Attaches a file to a work.

File must be first uploaded using the upload components work.upload.lookup and then work.upload.begin, work.upload.chunk and work.upload.commit or upload servlet, in the same way you would upload a work for registering. You will obtain an upload ticket to be used in this component

'File attachment' professional service must be active for the authorizing user.


  • Component name: work.attachfile
  • Signature: Requires signature using the authorization key's private key
  • Timestamp: Requires ztime parameter
  • Authorization level: MANAGE
  • API trust level: Standard


  • authkey*: Authorization key
  • ztime*: Z-Timestamp
  • public: 1 if the attachment is public (downloadable from the work public page). Not public by default.
  • title*: Title of the attached file
  • uploadticket*: Upload ticket obtained from work.upload.commit or upload servlet
  • workcode*: Work code

* Required parameter


  • restvalueresponse
    • state: ready




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>