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Partner component to modify a user account. User account must have been created with

You must be a Safe Creative partner to use this component.


  • Component name: user.modify
  • Signature: Requires signature using the authorization key's private key
  • Timestamp: Requires ztime parameter
  • Authorization level: MANAGE
  • API trust level: Partner


  • authkey*: Authorization key
  • ztime*: Z-Timestamp
  • mail: user mail
  • firstName: first name of the user
  • lastName: last name of the user
  • addressLine1: user address line 1
  • addressLine2: user address line 2
  • addressZip: user address zip code
  • addressCity: user address zip city
  • addressCountry: user address country code (see user.countries)
  • sendNotifications: 1 if user wants to be sent daily notifications of his operations. 0 if user does not want notifications.
  • locale: user preferred locale

* Required parameter


  • restvalueresponse
    • state: ready




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>