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Search for works by specifying the SHA-1 or MD5 hash of the work contents.

This component must be called on the main API server

Binary hashes must be encoded as a string of hexadecimal lowercase digits (0123456789abcdef), using two digits per byte.

Results are paginated


  • Component name: search.byhash
  • Signature: No signature required
  • Timestamp: Ztime is not required
  • API trust level: Public
  • API server:


  • md5: MD5 hash of the searched work contents
  • sha1: SHA-1 hash of the searched work contents
  • user: User code. If specified only works owned by this user will be searched
  • page: Page number
  • locale: Locale for work type, license names,...

* Required parameter


Paginated list of work elements

  • work
    • code: Safe Creative work code
    • title: Work title
    • authors: List of authors
      • author
        • code: Author's Safe Creative user code
        • name: Author's full name
        • human-url: URL to the author's Safe Creative public profile
    • rights-holders: List of rights holders
      • rights-holder
        • code: Rights holder's Safe Creative user code
        • name: Rights holder's full name
        • human-url: URL to the rights holder's Safe Creative public profile
    • thumbnail: URL to the work thumbnail (if any)
    • license: Work license
      • code: License code
      • name: License name
      • shortname: License short name
      • human-url: URL to license text
      • features: License features (see user.licenses
    • human-url: URL to this work web page in Safe Creative
    • machine-url: URL to this work API info response (see work.get)


REQUEST (searching for photographs under a Creative Common license which can be downladed):


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <title>The ant bee and flower</title>
          <name>Mario Pena Zapatería</name>
          <name>Mario Pena Zapatería</name>
        <name>Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0</name>
        <shortname>CC by-sa</shortname>