Signature troubleshooting

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If you receive InvalidSignature errors, you can use the signature-analysis debug component to analyze the request and see how the server is calculating the required signature.

Simply add the parameter debug-component=signature.analysis to your API call. Do not include the debug-component parameter in your signature calculations.

NOTE: This component is only available in arena environment

This component returns the following XML structure:

  • signatureanalisys
    • requestCharacterEncoding: Character encoding as received in the request headers. Should be UTF-8
    • signatureWanted: Correct signature calculated by the API server for the provided parameters
    • signatureProvided: Signature provided on the request by the API client
    • tokens: Tokens used for building the string whose SHA-1 hash will be used as signature
      • string: Each of the tokens. Field names, values and separators are all treated in a different own line
        • order: Order of the token in the resulting string
        • value: Token text (XML-encoded, & really means the & character.
        • hexvalue: Token bytes using UTF-8 encoding. Value is presented as a string of hexadecimal digits 0-9a-f, two digits per byte.

Your private key is not shown and its hexvalue is presented as 00000000000, though the correct value is used for calculating the wanted signature.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <string>order=0 value=[{Your *Userkey* private key}] hexvalue=00000000000</string>
    <string>order=1 value=[&] hexvalue=26</string>
    <string>order=2 value=[authkey] hexvalue=617574686b6579</string>
    <string>order=3 value=[=] hexvalue=3d</string>
    <string>order=4 value=[1i5g2aaf2bz09lyo867cuimqg] hexvalue=316935673261616632627a30396c796f3836376375696d7167</string>
    <string>order=5 value=[&] hexvalue=26</string>
    <string>order=6 value=[component] hexvalue=636f6d706f6e656e74</string>
    <string>order=7 value=[=] hexvalue=3d</string>
    <string>order=8 value=[authkey.state] hexvalue=617574686b65792e7374617465</string>
    <string>order=9 value=[&] hexvalue=26</string>
    <string>order=10 value=[sharedkey] hexvalue=7368617265646b6579</string>
    <string>order=11 value=[=] hexvalue=3d</string>
    <string>order=12 value=[zy9x4ol0ctg3btyswq7b5wi9] hexvalue=7a793978346f6c3063746733627479737771376235776939</string>
    <string>order=13 value=[&] hexvalue=26</string>
    <string>order=14 value=[ztime] hexvalue=7a74696d65</string>
    <string>order=15 value=[=] hexvalue=3d</string>
    <string>order=16 value=[1271749865420] hexvalue=31323731373439383635343230</string>