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Welcome to the Safe Creative Wiki.

This site was born as a community effort to improve the Safe Creative API documentation.

It may grow to include other subjects as well. Future will tell.


You can contribute if you like. Just take into account the following advices:

  • Do not vandalize. Please, just don't.
  • Create an account if you want to contribute. This will make it easier to contact you and collaborate.
  • Use the talk page if you are unsure about a change you want to do or have any comment
  • Respect the general structure of the pages, specially in the API reference pages
  • If you don't know how to edit a wiki, read the MediaWiki help

Apart from that, feel free to correct any typos, bad grammar (we're Spanish) or strange phrases you may encounter.

You can also share your experiences as an API client developer: problems you have found, suggestions for improvement,...

Thank you!

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