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* '''Timestamp:''' Requires [[ztime parameter]]
* '''Timestamp:''' Requires [[ztime parameter]]
* '''Authorization level:''' ADD
* '''Authorization level:''' ADD
* '''API trust level''': Standard
* '''API server''': Upload server returned by [[work.upload.lookup]]
= Parameters =  
= Parameters =  
* '''authkey*:''' Authorization key of the work owner
* '''authkey*:''' Authorization key
* '''ztime*:''' Z-Timestamp
* '''ztime*:''' Z-Timestamp
* '''uploadid*:''' Upload ID obtained from [[work.upload.lookup]]
* '''uploadid*:''' Upload ID obtained from [[work.upload.lookup]]
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= Returns =
= Returns =
* workuploadchunk
* '''workuploadchunk'''
** state: continue
** '''state''': continue
= Sample =
= Example =

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Upload a part of a work contents. Work contents are sent encoded in base64. You can send a chunk more than once, and chunk order is not relevant.

This component must be called on an upload API server returned by work.upload.lookup and after having called work.upload.begin with the same server and uploadid.

When you have sent all work content chunks, you must call work.upload.commit to finish the upload process.


  • Component name: work.upload.chunk
  • Signature: Requires signature using the authkey's private key
  • Timestamp: Requires ztime parameter
  • Authorization level: ADD
  • API trust level: Standard
  • API server: Upload server returned by work.upload.lookup


  • authkey*: Authorization key
  • ztime*: Z-Timestamp
  • uploadid*: Upload ID obtained from work.upload.lookup
  • data*: Chunk contents, Base64-encoded
  • offset*: Position of the first byte of the chunk within the full file (first byte is 0)
    • If all chunks have the same size (<chunksize> bytes)
      • First chunk has offset 0
      • Second chunk has offset <chunksize>
      • Third chunk has offset 2*<chunksize>
      • ...

* Required parameter


  • workuploadchunk
    • state: continue





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