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Requests a user to be added as an author or rights holder of a work.

'Shared rights management' professional service must be active for the authorizing user.

If the user is added as a rights holder, either the authorizing user or the invited user must have the 'Rights inscription' professional service.

A mail can be sent to the provided address asking for confirmation.

This method returns the confirmation code for the request. This code can be used to confirm or reject the request using work.rightsholders.confirm or to build the confirmation URL as the one sent in the confirmation e-mail.

Be careful not to visit the confirmation URL while logged in on Safe Creative as the authorizing user. This will be understood as the request having been sent to the authorizing user, who already is a copyright holder of the work. This will deem the request invalid.


  • Component name: work.rightsholders.add
  • Signature: Requires signature using the authorization key's private key
  • Timestamp: Requires ztime parameter
  • Authorization level: MANAGE
  • API trust level: Standard


  • authkey*: Authorization key
  • ztime*: Z-Timestamp
  • workcode*: Work code
  • mail*: E-mail address of the copyright holder.
    • Does not need to be the e-mail address used for logging in Safe Creative.
    • In fact, recipient does not need to be a Safe Creative user. An account can be created when visiting the confirmation URL.
  • type: Type of inscription to add:
    • AUTHORSHIP to add a coauthor
    • RIGHTS to add a rights holder
  • canedit*: 1 if user will be able to edit the work
  • sendmail: (1/0) Whether to send an e-mail to the user for confirming the coauthorship request. Defaults to true. If no mail is sent, the request must be confirmed using work.rightsholders.confirm.
  • percent: Percent of authorship or rights the user has over the work. Allows up to two decimals.

For RIGHTS inscriptions, the following parameters also apply:

  • rights*: Textual description of the rights the user is inscribing. Required for rights inscriptions.
  • begindate: When do the inscribed rights begin to apply.
  • enddate: When do the inscribed rights cease to apply.
  • jurisdictions: On which jurisdictions (countries, geographic zones) do the inscribed rights apply.
  • rightswindow: For which kind of media do the rights apply (e.g. TV broadcast, paperback edition,...)

* Required parameter


  • confirm-code: Confirmation code for the request




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