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Public component to query data about a work.

Using this component you can get public information about any work registered on Safe Creative, as if visiting its Safe Creative page{workcode}.


  • Component name: work.get
  • Signature: No signature required
  • Timestamp: Ztime is not required
  • API trust level: Public


  • code*: Work code of registered work
  • locale: Locale for work type, license names,...

* Required parameter


Some works include more information than others. Not all fields will be present in all works.

  • work
    • code: Safe Creative work code
    • title: Work title
    • entrydate: Work registration date
    • updatedate: Work update date
    • excerpt: Work excerpt or description
    • tags: Comma-separated list of tags
    • thumbnail: URL to the work thumbnail (if any)
    • mimetype: Work mime type
    • links: Work links
      • link: Link URL.
      • name: Link title (XML attribute)
      • type: Link type (INFO|DOWNLOAD) (XML attribute)
    • relations: Work relations with other works
      • relation: List of works related of a type (VERSION|DERIVATION|COMPOSITION|RELATED as XML attribute)
        • work: Work related to this work
          • name: Related work title (XML attribute)
          • code: Related work code (XML attribute)
    • authors: List of authors
      • author
        • code: Author's Safe Creative user code
        • name: Author's full name
        • human-url: URL to the author's Safe Creative public profile
        • image: URL to the author's public image
    • rights-holders: List of rights holders
      • rights-holder
        • code: Rights holder's Safe Creative user code
        • name: Rights holder's full name
        • human-url: URL to the rights holder's Safe Creative public profile
        • image: URL to the rights holder's public image
    • license: Work license
      • code: License code
      • name: License name
      • shortname: License short name
      • endDate: License expiration date (only for time-limited licenses)
      • human-url: URL to license text
      • features: License features (see user.licenses)
    • human-url: URL to this work web page in Safe Creative
    • machine-url: URL to this work API info page (this same info)
    • allowdownload: This work can be downloaded (true|false)
    • allowevaluation: An evaluation version of this work can be downloaded (true|false)
    • languagecode: Code of this work language (see work.languages)
    • worktype: Work type (see work.types, work.types.tree)
      • code: Work type code
      • name: Work type name
    • worktypegroup: Work type group (see work.types.tree)
      • code: Work type group code
      • name: Work type group name
    • registrations: Work external registrations
      • registration: Declares an external registration entry
        • registry: Info about external registry. Type attribute can be: OFFICIAL (eg: USCO), LEGAL (eg: a local jurisdiction entity), INTERNATIONAL (International standard body such as isbn,isrc,isan,etc..)
          • code: Internal registry code name
          • url: Registry info url
        • code: Work registration code within external registry
    • metadata: Work metadata and referenced namespaces (see work.metadata.namespaces) (see RDFa)
      • value: Metadata value.




<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <excerpt>ambient, orchestral drone music</excerpt> 
  <tags>year:2009, ambient, magnatune, album, orchestral</tags> 
    <link name="Emmalee Crane" type="INFO"></link> 
    <link name="Crux" type="INFO"></link> 
    <relation type="COMPOSITION"> 
      <work name="Crux" code="1002045450597"/> 
      <work name="I Break At Your Touch" code="1002045450573"/> 
      <work name="Silver Blue In Solomon" code="1002045450580"/> 
      <work name="You Seem To Reason" code="1002045450528"/> 
      <work name="Alms End" code="1002045450542"/> 
      <work name="Illustry" code="1002045450559"/> 
      <work name="Stair Asterism" code="1002045450511"/> 
      <work name="The Rise Of The Grasshopper" code="1002045450566"/> 
      <work name="Three Nine Six Twelve" code="1002045450535"/> 
    <name>Creative Commons Attribution Non-Comercial Share Alike 1.0</name> 
    <shortname>CC by-nc-sa 1.0</shortname> 

Example with external registrations and metadata



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <name>Todos los derechos reservados</name>
      <registry type="OFFICIAL">
      <registry type="INTERNATIONAL">
  <metadata xmlns:dc="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:rol="" xmlns:gn="">
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="PT">MULHERES A BEIRA DE UM ATAQUE DE NERVOS</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="FI">NAISIA HERMOROMAHDUKSEN PARTAALLA</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="EN">WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="RU">ZHENCHSHINY NA GRANI NERVNOGO SRYVA</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="IT">DONNE SULL'ORLO DI UNA CRISI DI NERVI</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="FR">FEMMES AU BORD DE LA CRISE DE NERFS</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="DE">FRAUEN AM RANDE DES NERVENZUSAMMENBRUCH</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="EL">GYNAIKES STA PROTYRA NEURIKIS KRISIS</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="PL">KOBIETY NA SKRAJU ZALAMANIA NERWOWEGO</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="DA">KVINDER PA RANDEN AF ET NERVOST SAMMENBRUD</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="DA">KVINDER PA RANDEN AF NERVOST SAMMENBRUD</value>
    <value property="dc:title" xml:lang="SV">KVINNOR PA GRANSEN TILL NERVSAMMANBROTT</value>
    <value property="xsd:gYear">1988</value>
    <value property="rol:director">Pedro Almodovar</value>
    <value property="dc:extent">90</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Angel De Andres Lopez</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Julieta Serrano</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Maria Barranco</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Kiti Manver</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Isabel Serrano</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Antonio Banderas</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Fernando Guillen</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Guillermo Montesinos</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Carmen Maura</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Loles Leon</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Chus Lampreave</value>
    <value property="rol:actor">Rossy De Palma</value>
    <value property="gn:countryCode">ES</value>